Meet creators of the magical world of XnO!!

Digital Eclairs is a game development studio passionate about creating non-violent games which are fun and challenging.
XnO - 3D Action Adventure Game, is the first in the series of projects being launched by Digital Eclairs.

Aditi Jain Shah

Founder, Lead Software Engineer, has previously worked at Cadence and Bloomberg in Simulation and Portfolio Risk Analytics software research and development. Aditi holds a masters in Electrical Engineering.


Emmy Toyonaga

Professional doodler responsible for the main character designs. She has also unleashed her 2D and 3D creations at places such as Electronic Arts, Midway Games and through freelancing for magazines and websites.
Loves watermelon and playing with fuzzy animals.


George Flores

A practicing Ninja with skills in 2D, 3D and Animation. Currently working in the game industry as Quality Analyst and enjoys working on art in spare time. Looking for adventures in the media department, whether its games or videos, its all entertainment.
Artist: 2D, 3D, animation, Game design, Character design Astrological sign is.... *cut* ... too personal. :)


Creath Carter

Creath Carter is an Earth-based, interactive-media artist who creates imaginary worlds for fun and profit. He loves cats, and dreams of building his own spaceship someday.
3D modeling, animation


Gia Luc

Our Concept Artist


Tom Scollard

Tom, our nerdy composer from Toronto's Harris Institute. His past work appears in films, episodic television, commercials and trailers. More recently he's been working on video game projects doing original score and sound design.
Passionate collector of rare and custom instruments


Ishmael E. Hoover

Ishmael is a fledgling concept artist that recently graduated from San Jose State University. He's an avid computer user, prolific gamer and enthusiastic artist and has an active interest in classical Meso-American cultures, crypto-zoology and of course, feathered Dinosaurs.